Over the past three weeks I have been on my fourth professional experience. What can I say this was definitely an eye opening experience ill be honest. This school had a wide variety of both student and staff dynamics which I had never experienced at this level. I can say I’ve never butted heads with my mentor as much as I did this prac, particularly around teaching styles. My mentor was definitely a strict teacher which I thought often went over board and didn’t actually allow students to use their own thoughts and opinions. I am on the other side, I actively encourage student discovery through group and collaborative tasks and realise you cannot expect dead silence classrooms. (I actually find them uncomfortable) The scare tactics and yelling doesn’t particularly work for me I’m not exactly an intimidating person. I think all teachers are different and consistently need to search and reinvigorate their teaching not matter what their length of experience is.

Strict, Good or Bad?

~ Adriana