Prepare and Organise 

Given that every classroom is different preparation is key. Approaches which may be successful in one class may be challenged in another. This is why teachers prepare and organise learning keeping in mind a back up plan for ICT tasks. As we know ICT can sometimes be challenging to utilise within classroom, however this should not act as a deterrent for the inclusion of ICT as it provide many positive results for both teachers and students.

The types of questions of interested in this stage include, but are not limited to:

  • What hardware, software and other media will I need?
  • How can these resources (and the room) be organised to support learning?
  • Is all the technology working? Can the chosen online services be accessed from the school network?
  • What are my plans for when/if the technology doesn’t work? 

    Remember, you need to have a plan B

  • What are the common problems that my mentor has with the technology in the room? What are the common solutions? Are there better solutions?
  • How have ethical, privacy and other related issues been considered?
  • How are the needs for all students being supported?

Technology Integration Planning