Transform (Authentic learning) – Integrate – Prepare and Organise 

Authentic Learning environments should:

  1. Provide authentic contexts that reflect the way the knowledge will be used in real life.
  2. Provide authentic activities.
  3. Provide access to expert performances and the modelling of processes.
  4. Provide multiple roles and perspectives
  5. Support collaborative construction of knowledge.
  6. Promote reflection to enable abstractions to be formed.
  7. Promote articulation to enable tacit knowledge to be made explicit.
  8. Provide coaching by the teacher at critical times, and scaffolding and fading of teacher support.
  9. Provide for authentic, integrated assessment of learning within the tasks.

The key for successful ICT integration is providing students with tasks that are engaging and interesting. Teachers need to think about ICT within the classroom and how they can best engage students in the learning content.

Technology Integration Planning