ICT-oriented topics are always quite interesting as teachers get a variety of pictures, movies, spreadsheets and even online quizzes to carry out their lesson plans with. Besides, effective ICT classroom practices produce well-informed, tech-savvy students who are competent enough to survive in the recession-struck 21st century job market.

This makes us wonder that if ICT can support teaching so much, then why it hasn’t been incorporated extensively in education till now. This is because many teachers treat ICT as a stand alone activity. They aren’t incorporating ICT in their lesson plans and curriculum. A number of them prefer using a white board/black board to explain the topics. This conventional way of teaching indeed works. However, students confront countless problems in retaining the concepts for longer periods and tend to forget them as soon as the term gets over.

It would be better if teachers try to integrate online activities, videos, graphs, databases, templates, articles and presentations in their every day lesson plans to make their explanations clear and interesting. Such resources are easily available on different educational websites and offer a variety of user-friendly levels.

Many curriculum-based websites offer free tutorials, vocabulary tools and quick lesson summaries which can be used in numerous ways in classrooms and at home. Teachers can also use online diagrams and games to explain complex subject matters in an engaging way and even design worksheets to keep their students interested. Besides, since students would have watched and interacted with the technology, chances are that they will remember the topics for a longer time.

Students can be encouraged to write online and email their essays, reports, observations and descriptions. This way it would be easier for them to plan, draft, proofread and present their work with lesser errors and more neatness.

Source: Teachnology in the classroom