A teacher cannot just deliver an ICT enrich lesson or unit a teacher needs to be educated themselves about the use of ICT and confident to deliver it. Teacher training is key, continual professional experience is crucial in applying and investing in ICT to its potential. Bringing ICT into the classroom does not change the teaching and learning process it rather enables teachers to transform their practice. ICT is a tool which helps teachers create a more ‘learner-centric’ learning enviornment, challenging students’ understanding and thinking through whole class discussions and individual or small groups working with ICT. ICT can be used to support change and extend existing teaching practices reinforcing existing pedagogical practices and well as the interaction between teachers and students. ICT can be used as a tool for information presentation including; projectors, television, and electronic whiteboards. These can promote class understanding and discussion about a variety of concepts through particularly the display of simulations.

Source: Teaching and ICT