Creating a unit plan enrich with ICT is the next assessment task for this course. My subject for this unit plan will be health, with a focus on cyber safety.

Cyber safety is a concept which is important for students to have knowledge about including issues such as cyber bullying and privacy.  The concepts are important to ensure students who are growing up during this technological age are aware of the potential risks involved in online contexts. Particularly the use of social media networks  including Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, and other popular social networking outlets, need to be understood and the concept of a digital footprint.

The use of social media has both benefits and risks associated, both teachers and students need to be aware of these to incorporate relevant and authentic tasks for effective learning. The linked report contains key points regarding the focus concepts which will be included in the unit plan. The Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents, and Families These are important point to consider within the unit plan.

~ Adriana