With the due date for Assignment 1 coming closer I have been working through my checklist to enhance my evaluation.

The AES evaluation form contains a range of questions relating to how ICT is utilised within the lesson plan and who controls the ICT at various stages. It runs through whether the lesson plan is safe from copyright and therefore able to use. Copyright is a difficult thing to wrap my head around particularly with the use of documents and images we find online. I came across another student’s blog where she discusses her understanding of copyright and her blog Copyright on my blog. While it all still remains slightly confusing for me most websites have terms of use on the site which users can access and  read to understand their policy.

My evaluated lesson plan can be found here: Nutrition my source also contains information on the terms of use which allows content to be used for. “Users may use the Website and the Content for bona fide educational and research purposes only, and may not use them in any commercial or for-profit manner.”