Thinking of physical education which is a subject where you’re hardly in a classroom for, ICT integration may seen like a difficult job. It’s true it can be difficult that’s why I as a future HPE teacher need to continually research and adapt my lessons and practice.

Ipads are a tool which has started to become popular in HPE particularly in skill analysis and acquisition. While the Ipads allows users to film and capture skills in play the basic function can only really do that. However the creation of apps have aided educators with programs which can achieve the desired results. Allowing students to breakdown skills and analyse each stage of a motor skill. Which they can compare among the class or of the skill acquisition of a professional athlete. Breaking down motor skills and performances allows students to visually see their competence and identify  any weaknesses where they can show evaluation and adaptation in assessment.

Edmodo is an online interface where teachers can create online spaces for classes to set assignments, upload quizzes, and share a variety of files. It also allow for tasks participation and online discussions to occur.

CoachsEye is an app which allows students to capture footage and analyse for feedback and evaluation of skill. These developed apps provide a new aspects to physical education for incorporating ICT into practice while assisting students in many aspects of higher order thinking.

I have attached a useful resource for HPE teachers

~ Adriana

PE Teacher blog resource

I came across a blog post by selzbelz91 which contained an interesting article titled Teaching isn’t rocket science which discusses how one strategy which helps one student won’t necessarily work for another.  Definitely worth a read!