When it comes to ICT and Pedagogy the important impacts arise from how people use ICT. How do they use the technology? What skill, design, and aesthetics do they instill into that use.

The incorporation of ICT needs to have meaning and purpose, making sure what tasks we set align with a goal for students to achieve.

Bloom’s Taxonomy has been incorporated into the classrooms around the world and has aided educators in making tasks more meaningful and purposeful in the classroom. Since the original Bloom’s Taxonomy there have been adaptations one which is focused on the digital aspects.

The Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, while the principles still remain the same as the original structure, the changes are focused on technology which sees understanding and experience altered for the purpose of application.

This is an awesome tool which aids teachers in utilising appropriate resources to meet their ideas and direction.  It gives examples at each level of higher order thinking aligning with the functional levels.  Making it easier for teachers to plan and incorporate ICT in the classrooms.

This is a tool I will defiantly be using in my teaching practice in the future.

~ Adriana

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy