The learning path for week 3 started off with a one question opinion quiz asking if this statement was true or false. “The increasing pervasiveness of mobile digital technologies is making people anti-social. They are now much more likely to be in a social situation ignoring those actually there with them.”

My initial instinct was true, straight away I though yes definitely especially mobile phones and how people literally would rather be socialising on social media than with people that are actually there in the room with them.  In some ways the answer is not as clean cut as a simple yes and no. There’s a lot more to consider especially the time we live in, looking back when the newspaper was first realised they paint a similar picture.

My initial view was defiantly one which didn’t need much looking into, which was the purpose of the task. I needed to look past my initial opinion and think about the history and whether people are actually being anti-social. Often online conversation with friends and family is actually more valuable and meaningful, than one with a random person you just met. But then there’s the other side, is the instant communication we get from technology actually stopping us from making real life connections with the people around us?

I defiantly think there isn’t a clear and definite answer with this one.

I also came across another blogger Emma Johnson who shared some great statistics on this very topic. One particular figure stood out to me “78% of people believe that social media is making us anti-social and somewhat disrespectful with only 22% saying otherwise.” She also makes some interesting points about how social media gives people more boldness in what they say than what would be said face to face. Which is why we have the issue of Cyberbullying in our society. Social media defiantly comes with some pros and cons which is why we set guidelines and monitor our students online at school.

~ Adriana