After coming across a blog post by edc3100pluggingintoict, https://edc3100pluggingintoict.wordpress.com/ regarding the Seek, Sense, Share process it’s got me thinking about how we as teachers can think through the ICT integration looking for higher order thinking processes. Similar to the SAMR model I discussed in my previous post we are aiming to move from just using ICT because we are required to and rather using it to enhance the learning in the classroom. Thinking through how and when we can effectively implement ICT, by evaluating the purpose and benefits of tasks we continue to improve and modify tasks to student the students’ needs. The Seek, Sense, and Share model helps us consider this.

Seek: How can students find the information they need? Online resources such as google, websites, and topic specific avenues. Students need to be given a starting point from there they can often utilise the technology to seek out the information relevant to them, giving them some freedom within the task.

Sense: How does this task impact them? Purpose and making sense of what they learn. Again this brings together their findings to make connections and reflect on their opinions and discoveries. This can be achieved through ICT including blogging, powerpoint, concept mapping, and tools such as feedly.

Share: How can the students share what they have learnt? An effective way to enhance individual learning is to share or teach others, sharing can be positive for teaching and learning within the classroom. This can be done a number of ways including class discussion/presentation, blogging, powerpoint, and poster creation.

Bringing learning in full circle to incorporate higher order thinking to ensure students not only remember but evaluate and effectively create from their learning.