As teachers the students are the highest priority, and we take steps to ensure they are given the best opportunity to learn and engage within our classes. ICT allows us as teachers to enagage and progress learning through tools and activities which are widely available in many schools.

The Australian Curriculum outlines the subject specific learning areas and learning objectives which all need to cover a list of general capabilities. One of these capabilities being ICT, which is highlighted as a key tool in teaching and learning.

As technology advances, new and inovative tools become available for us to utalise within the classroom. These tools are not only effective in many subject areas to enhance student learning they also incorporate skills they can utilise in other avenues of their lives.

ICT incoporates a range of higher order thinking processes contained within both Bloom’s Taxonomy and thing such as the padagogy wheel. Which can progress teaching and learning much more effectively than other teacher directed leassons.

With all the benifts ICT brings to teaching and learning, all educators should be taking the opportunity to expland their knowldege base in order to connect with the students. Avenues such as blogs, facebook, twitter,youtube, and Feedly, are just some of the resources out there for teachers to engage with.

Looking forward to this weeks learning.

~ Adriana

More details regarding the Australian Curriculum can be found at: http://www.acara.edu.au/home_page.html