After the first week’s tutorial it’s got me thinking about my past experiences in secondary schools regarding the stages of teacher development, misconceptions and the impacts of ICT on schools.

Regarding the stages of teacher development in using ICT, I’ve been lucky of my professional experiences where most of my mentors have been enablers of ICT within schools and classrooms. However they varied at the stage they fall into some being in application and one in particular falling into the integration stage. This was on my most recent professional experience where my mentor encouraged the use of ICT sources I found and also assisted me in implementing them into the lessons to engage the students. This definitely was my favourite pracs as it gave me confidence to use ICT tools within the class to present information and also give the students the opportunity to explore and learn individually.

ICT in the schools I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with have been new changes such as the implementation of laptop programs and the installation of SmartBoard technologies. The impacts of ICT on schools provide new ways of learning however cost, training, and policy are just come issues which arise from ICT use.  http://www.infodev.org/articles/knowledge-maps-icts-education – Has a great article about the associated issues with ICT in Education and is an interesting read. The major issue I feel is teacher training and education regarding the implementation of ICT effectively within schools, as teachers need to both have the knowledge and confidence to effectively introduce ICT. Irrespective of teaching history professional development is key in keeping teaching practice recent and effective.

~ Adriana


Trucano, Michael.  2005. Knowledge Maps: ICTs in Education.  Washington, DC: infoDev / World Bank.